Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The kayaking sounds like fun, but we are beginners. Is that a problem?
A: You do not need experience for this tour but it is important that you are in good physical condition and have a good attitude. In any case the guide will lead the tour according to the inforrmation obtained from you.

Q: How is the climate and what is the best time to visit?
A: Almost all year round the climate is ideal, With temperatures in the highlands of 72 degrees to 70- 90 degree temperatures in the low lands. The nights in San José are free of humidity and the beaches are cool because of the ocean breeze. Rainy season is from April/May until December, with rainfalls most heavy in October. The Caribbean is dryest in February to April, with a short summer period from June to July, and most wet months being November and January. While the climate is almost perfect, you should come prepared for rain. The dry season on the Pacific Coast and Central Valley is from January to March.

Q: Do I need a passport to travel to Costa Rica?
A: Yes, you need a passport to enter the country.

Q: Can I drink the water?
A: Yes, you can drink water which is pure and available for drinking throughout most of the country.

Q: Can I give tips or is that considered an insult?
A: Giving tips is always appreciated and you can tip whatever you are accostumed to in your own country.

Q: What are traditional dishes I can expect to eat in Costa Rica?
A: A typical Costa Rican breakfast consists of a “Gallo Pinto” (black beans and rice), eggs, tortillas, cream, with coffee and fresh fruits. A traditional lunch is known as a “Casado”, which includes, rice, beans, a type of meat (beef, chicken, pork or fish), salad, fried plantains.
Dinner is depending on your preferences and fish and seafood are excellent, sold for a good price and fresh, like the fruits and vegetables.
And of course, Costa Rica produces the best and finest coffee in the world. Try and taste because it is the absolute best!

Q: I cannot find the information I need, Can I send an e-mail with some questions?
A: This is what we do, assist with anything you need and provide information we have gathered based on living and working in Costa Rica for many years.