About Costa Rica


Costa Rica is a country in Central America with great tourism potential that is valued as on of the most visited international destinations. One of its principal resources is tourism.

Although the country is small and overs only 0.03% of the planet, it has the privelage to host 5% of the worlds biodiversity existing in the whole world. 25.58% of its terrain is protected under various forms of conservation.
Moreover, Costa Rica offers an excellent setting for investments and establishments of major international companies thanks to the outstanding acedemic level of the population, the excellent state of modern services and social and political stability.

Oficcial language
Spanish. The second language for a greater part of the population is English.

Official religion
Catholic and full religion freedom

Official currency

Administrative division

Costa Rica is divided into seven provinces: San José, Alajuela, Heredia, Cartago, Puntarenas, Guanacaste and Limón. Each province is sub-divided into cantons and these, in their turn, into districts.

The country also has a maritime territory called Coco Island, part of the World National Heritage, located 548 KM. from Cabo Blanco in the Pacific Ocean, with 2.400 hectares of land and 73.100 hectares of maritime area.

Electrical coverage
Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE).
97% of national territory has access to electric energy. The voltage for residencies is 110.

Office hours
Governmental sector: from 8am to 4pm Monday through Friday.

State banks:From 8am to 3pm Monday through Friday.

Private sector
From 9am to 6pm Monday through Friday. The commercial sector usually operates Saturday and Sunday until noon.


Holidays by law

  • January 1st: New years
  • April 11th: Juan Santamaría day, national hero
  • Thursday and Friday of Easter Week: religious activities. May 1st: International labor day
  • August 15th: Mother’s day
  • September 15th: Independence day
  • December 25th: Birthday of Baby Jesus

    Other holidays
  • July 25th: Day of Guanacaste’s annexation
  • August 2nd: Virgin of los Angeles day
  • October 12th: Cultural meeting day