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From $350.00

Go and enjoy this incredible 4-day jungle adventure!

Located on the exhuberant Caribbean hillsides of Cordillera Volcánica Central, La Danta Salvaje was founded in 1988 as a nonprofit forest reserve aimed to protect the tropical forest of Costa Rica.

We offer 4 days / 3 nights of excursions in the jungle. A 3-hour hike from where we will leave the 4-wheel drive vehicle, until the rustic lodging location in the heart of the tropical rain forest.

Day trips along the trails initially created by wild tapirs, offer visitors the opportunity to experience first hand the impressive views and natural paths, waterfalls (of which one of 150 meters high!) and species of endemic plants of the area, including heliconias, orchids, giant ferns and many others.

Every afternoon, the group returns from the hikes to the comfort and security of the cottage.

Situated next to one of the most beautiful waterfalls, the cottage offers a magnificent view.

tortuguero 4dias 2The area is home to a great variety of animals, including various that are in danger of extincion, such as the tapir, pava, the jaguar and the silky anteater.

During one visit, a group of visitors had the incredible opportunity to see a 80-kilo puma hunting spider monkeys in the forest! This was only 5 minutes from the cottage.

The groups are limited to a maximum of 8 people and the tour will take place approximately twice a month. This way there is a minimum impact on the fragile ecosystem of the area, and the animal population will stay intact.



Duration: 4 days/ 3 nights

Departure: Approximately at 9:30 am at the bus terminal in Guapiles.

Level: Moderate to difficult.

Includes: meals, lodging, security and guides.

What to bring: 1 small mattress, 2-3 pairs of socks of which one knee-lenght if you plan to partake in the excursions with shorts as such the rubber boots won´t cut in your skin, 1 pare of light-weight pants to hike in and one normal pair to relax in at the cottage. 1 pair of shorts, 2-3 shirts, a light sweater or jaket for the colder nights, 1 towel and swim suit, 1st aid kit (including all medicine you will need), a flashlight, camera, binoculars, bath products, a hat, rain coat or poncho, hiking boots, flipflops, waterbottle and repellent.

Basically anything you need is a set of clothing to go hiking and a set of clothing to wear at the accommodation. You can wash your clothing and dry them by the fire at night.

Minimum: 6 persons. Maximum: 8 persons.

Price: $ 350.00


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